August 25, 2018

SCWAY Registration

SCWAY Membership Registration

The cost for SCWAY membership is $17.00


SCWAY membership is NOT A REQUIREMENT to join Clovis Youth Wrestling club. However, some of the tournaments/events we intend to host or participate in will be affiliated with SCWAY. To compete/participate your wrestler will be required to have a valid/current SCWAY membership.

– If you intend to solely practice and not compete our suggestion would be to not purchase an SCWAY membership.

Registration Instructions 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Membership” icon; upper right side of screen (under heading)
  3. Click on “CLICK HERE TO JOIN” icon; green box with yellow lettering
  4. Once the login box appears you will have three choices:

(Follow corresponding letters/numbers that apply to you)

a) Type in Username/Password and click “Submit.” (Go to section 5a)

b) Click on the, “Register Here” link below the “Submit” button. (Go to section 5b)

c) Click on the, “Forgot Password” link at the bottom of the box. (Go to section 5c)

  1. Follow the instructions provided to register/re-new membership.

a) Once registered/signed in you will see the tabs on the left side of the screen.The “My Profile” tab has all the basic information of the REGISTERING PARENT. Move forward to section (6).

b) Once you have clicked the “Register Here” icon a text box will appear. All fields in this box is the PARENT’S INFORMATION. Once you have registered your account you will see the first tab described in section (5a).

c) Once you click the “Forgot Password” icon, a text box will appear. Type in your E-Mail address and follow the instructions sent to your E-Mail account.

  1. All instructions are listed in steps on the right side of the screen. Please verify that all contact information is correct/up to date. Once in the individual athlete’s page ensure that the club you select is the club you desire to belong to (Clovis Youth Wrestling Club).Make sure you only use the icons and tabs provided to navigate through the site.  If you click the back button on your browser the site will kick you off.
  1. The coaches will be able to view all registered members listed under their club/team.